A note from one of our Volunteers…..ICS

I attended my first slicker event in November at the New Tazewell event. Spent two nights in the 100 year old bunk house, froze but had a great time. Didn’t meet but did have an experience with the ghost of the bunkhouse that thought it would be fun to hide my glasses. I have to say that the best things of this event were the people that we met and became friends with that would do anything for the children and the children themselves. I saw children that had no intention of participating not only participate but enjoy it. They opened up and the child that arrived very unfriendly and sullen, opened up and left smiling. Not only smiling but did not want to leave. It is amazing to see what one day will change for these children. It made me cry then and still does. Michael you are an angel and these kids need more angels like you.


ICS is delighted to present to you, just in time for Christmas – from Elusions – hand painted ornaments for your hoiday cheer. Proceeds will help bring a wonderful Christmas to the One Hundred kids that will be joining us December 17th. If you would like a special ornament made just for you, that can also be arranged. The Ornaments are $17.50 each plus Shipping. Thanks so much for helping. Michaeldscf2200dscf2203dscf2205