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Hey guys,  this is my first cd release since my Three Dog Night Days in the early 70’s. The donation is $15 which includes S&H . Press “donate”  on the left side of the page; that will take you to our “Donate” page. Click the donate button and you will come to the information page. Enter your donation at the top and please fill out the page.  Put ICS CD on the “additional address” line. You will receive your CD in 4 to 6 six weeks. Remember all profits go to help our kids. Thanks for helping….thanks for caring. Michael


There are also some other items that you might be interested in, Three Dog Night 1975  Concert CD, never been released / Autographed drum sticks and autographed Three Dog Night drum heads. Let me know, Michael 3 dog new logo


The thing is, you want to put yourself in your child’s situation – understand their frame of mind, their spirit. In order to do that, you have to see what is in front of you, to be in the present with them. If they bring up your issues, you won’t see clearly what needs to be done.  And you know they can bring up your stuff, big time. Also, you want to figure out how your child thinks and how they perceive you. To understand what it might take for your child to have a willingness to listen and accept the same ideas as you. That is so important and challenging.


You eventually want your idea to become theirs. So if you understand how a child thinks and how they perceive things, you will have a better chance to figure out a way to help and actually find a place where you can help them understand. You want to build a partnership. Not just get them to conform, but to partner with you and follow your lead. I like using the analogy of You are the river bank and They are the river. You set the course, you get them to want to follow the path and then you gently guide them.Brianna

Partnership is a process of you both learning together and building a trust with each other, so your child will accept your lead willingly and with some enthusiasm. There will be upsets along the way, but eventually they will learn and accept your guidance with little or no resistance – no pushback. But you have to keep “your stuff” out of the mix.CJ Horse

You are not just asking the child to conform to you. Kids are all different. What works for one, won’t work for another so you really have to be in the present and see what is there in order to make an impact. I think parenting is about your child feeling apart of something that they want to contribute to and make better – The Family.


Remember, encourage not discourage – and one more thing, always lead with kindness.