A loving groupMr. Michael McMeel; I met you, almost three years ago now. And my life has changed so much. You wouldn’t even believe it. You guys taught me that bad things, can change a person, but they can change back to who they were. You can find second chances. You give people hope, and if that’s the only thing you ever remember I told you. I’d be fine with that. Because of you, I searched for hope. Everywhere I went. No matter where I was, or what the situation was, I always searched for that light at the end of the tunnel. what you do, its amazing. And I am so thankful I got the chance to meet you, so thankful. You taught me to trust. the second I leaned off that ladder, I learned what it was like to trust someone other than yourself. Ill probably never see you again, but I trusted you. And that’s amazing as well. Thank you. For everything you’ve done. Never stop, ever. When you’re older, and until you leaves this earth, I want you to keep doing this. Just do me that one favor, just promise me you’ll never stop. Ever. That’s all I ask. Is for you to promise to me, you’ll always help people, and keep making impacts on these peoples lives. No matter what. Thank you, Michael.

smokeValleyI am sure excited about our upcoming tour to raise money for Inner City Slickers. Hope to see a lot of you when we are out on the road. Remember if you can Dream it you can Achieve….Michael