21 Jul

Fundraising Tour for ICS

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MeRockSymbolWell I have finally gone and done it. I have put a band together “REVOLVER” and we are going on a limited tour to raise money for ICS. it will be a Three Dog Night Celebration ( all the great hits) plus some original songs that were inspired by the kids I work with. Our first stop is Smoke in the Valley here in New Tazewell. I have some fine musicians playing with me – Randy Goodman, Floyd Marsee, Danny Hutchins and Scott Grubb. Hope to see you there.

MeManningJust when I thought miracles were out of date, obsolete, something you only read about in the Bible, I saw One. In fact I saw several.

No matter how many times I do a Slickers there is always something that Strikes Me, and Strikes Me Hard. Today was no different. Working with Dylan and Steven changed me. The passion, honesty, courage, exhiliration and vulnerability of these two young men showed me YET AGAIN, That Kids respond if We Listen to them, Kids respond If We Care about Them, Kids respond If We Encourage and not discourage them and Kids respond and Change if We allow them to Be Kids with Guidance.