• Does the money raised in a specific city, stay in that city or is it used elsewhere?   Funds raised and designated to remain in specific cities and states STAY in those locations and are used to support those specific programs.    Individuals and corporations may also donate at the Corporate level and those monies are distributed equally among the ICS locations.


    • Are you staff members paid?    Our volunteer staff is just that, all volunteer.    At this time, there are no salaries paid and all funds raised go directly towards expanding our programs.


    • What type of non-profit are you?   The Awareness Foundation / Inner City Slickers is a 501 (c) 3


    • What is your main source of funding?   Private donations


    • How do I donate?  At this time, the easiest way to donate is via our website or by sending your check to our corporate office: Inner City Slickers, 180 Bill RoadNew Tazewell TN   37825


    • Is my donation tax-deductible?  Yes


  • Do you have any other outreach programs?  Yes, we have several Outreach programs that we support.   Please check out the Outreach portion of our website!If you have additional questions that are not addressed here, please Email Us and we will answer them as soon as possible.