Pamela Markovitz

PamBull1We wonder….does ANYONE accomplish more on a day-to-day basis than Pam Markovitz?!

A native resident of California, Pam’s job takes her all over  the United States and even with all of that travel, she’s more organized, focused and determined than anyone else we know!     Pam is a master at getting and keeping all of us organized at each and every event.    Long before we arrive tat our ICS events, Pam’s arranged the hotels, transportation, food and gifts for the kids and in her spare time, she works on sponsorships with major corporations.

Pam has an infectious laugh and always has a twinkle in her eye….and did we mention she has so much compassion and love for the kids we work with.   As far as remarkable individuals are concerned, Pam is just that….remarkable!

(Top) Pam (L), Laura & Diane (Back), Morgan (R) and “Pepe” is of course front & center!

(Below) Pam (L), Marthetta (R) and Rene’ (B)