Shirley Coffman


Shirley is a woman whose heart and compassion knows no limits. Her laughter and sense of fun draws people in immediately.

Shirley manages and organizes many of the day to day operations & tasks associated with Inner City Slickers. Everything from receiving and reviewing Application Forms to sending out brochures and media. Following up on correspondence and keeping us all organized falls on her shoulders as well.

Most importantly, she is actively involved in following up with and staying in touch witb the remarkable kids we’ve worked with. She is loving as well as fierce and protective when it comes to these kids and will move mountains to stay in touch, offer advise, moral support and find resources that may not otherwise be available to these kids. There is no one better to have in your corner than Shirley or as we so passionately know her as “Slicker Chic”.

A talented artist and seamstress, she is involved in designing and embroidering some of our ICS apparel as she also owns her own embroidery business. Shirley is also an instrumental part of  the ICS Team.

She is married to the love of her life Jeff who is wonderful and understanding since she and her son Greg aka “Slicker The Kid” spend a lot of time working with ICS. She home schools their son which gives them the time they need to volunteer and travel with ICS. The Coffman’s reside Tennessee.