Mission Statement

Since 1992, The Awareness Foundation, under the vision and direction of Michael McMeel, has acted as a vehicle for reconciliation and hope within the communities it serves. Its primary purpose has been to seek unity, peace, compassion, justice and dignity of the human spirit; and these ideals are sought without any qualification by ethnic origin, sex, religion, education, or any other trait that could be used to divide rather than embrace.

The Awareness Foundation has worked to accomplish these goals by developing and supporting programs that are aimed at igniting the imagination and passion of our youth while instilling attitudes of hope, prosperity, peace, self-reliance and freedom from fear. These programs are designed to infuse the participants with increased self-esteem, confidence and integrity –teaching them the basic skills for operating successfully in our society, and obtaining gainful employment. Our vision is to help our young people become responsible citizens, compassionate leaders and the dream-builders of tomorrow.

In order to accomplish its national goals, The Awareness Foundation plans to work synergistically with city counsels and governments, community foundations, community colleges, local businesses and non-profit groups (including other at-risk youth programs) to energize communities around the above objectives and principals. The result will be to create opportunities for local youth and communities at large.

For additional information on The Awareness Foundation and/or Inner City Slickers, please email us.