Outreach Programs

The programs which have been developed by The Awareness Foundation (and which will continue to be developed) are a result of communication between The Awareness Foundation and area churches, government officials and community leaders. It is the intent of The Awareness Foundation to ask what is needed and wanted, then to fulfill that need with the cooperation of the individuals and groups which requested it in a manner which is timely, efficient and is evidenced by Integrity, Responsibility and Commitment.

The Awareness Foundation has been working passionately in both our cities and rural areas to  develop integrity building programs that give opportunities to our children and young adults that are not usually available to them. Our most recent program is called Inner City Slickers (ICS) and it is an on-going “Old West” program that was inspired by the film City Slickers. We chose this program because the “Old West” symbolizes Strength, Preservance and Hard Work.    Our ICS program builds self-esteem, self-confidence, character, and breaks down the social prejudices that are so prevalent in our culture today.

Our Slickers learn what it’s like to follow the Cowboy Code of Ethics which includes:  Kindness, Dependability, Integrity, Keeping your Word, and Responsibility to name just a few.   Our goal is to establish and build an ethical and moral code of conduct that will stay with them throughout their lives.   The ICS program helps build TRUST, RESPECT and HOPE with each other, themselves and their horse.  Using the Magic of horses and our expert volunteers & wranglers, our kids are transformed and it’s incredible to watch these changes occur, right in front of you.

Inner City Slickers combines horses, the Cowboy Code of  Ethics and builds confidence, self-esteem and integrity which aides in promoting diversity, compassion, courage, optimism and tolerance between teens and adults.    Most of all, Inner City Slickers, builds HOPE.    Inner City Slickers is now nationwide and we are creating partnerships with existing ranches, training facilities, college campuses and farms who share our vision to make a difference in the lives of children, everywhere.



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