Marthetta Blakley

If you’re lucky enough to have Marthetta Blakley enter your life, she will forever be in your heart.

Marthetta is an incredibly passionate, gifted musician & songwriter.   For woman who is small in stature, her beautiful and powerful voice fills a room, and feeds your spirit. In addition, Marthetta  is a talented writer and will be soon be publishing a book on her beloved Songbird Ranch and we’ve had a sneak peak…it’s destined to be a best-seller!

Not only is Marthetta a talented artist, her background as a social worker and life-coach give her unique insights into the children we work with.  In addition, Marthetta is a life-long horsewoman and has been riding, roping  for years.    Marthetta brings a wealth of experience to our Slicker events….and she’s easily a favorite with the kids, and adults at each event.

Talented, loving, strong, an amazing friend, passionate and insanely funny, we are all richer for having Marthetta in our lives!