22 Jul


Author: cinmic


Inspiration can be a very allusive thing. Where does IT come from – How do you get IT. What happens when IT never comes?

I have been working in the creative arts all my life and one thing has become very evident to me over the years – I can’t wait around to be Inspired.

You have heard these old phrases time and time again…I’m out of ideas, I’m bored, I have writers block, I just don’t feel motivated – I am not INSPIRED.

Well this is what I have found that takes all the mystery out of it for me, but first let me pose this question to you….Are you inspired to live or do you live to get inspired? You might be thinking to yourself….what an odd question. I find that when inspiration knocks at my door, I open that door immediately. I don’t wait around. Carpe Diem – I seize the day. I do this because to be honest with you, inspiration doesn’t knock on my door that often. Well it knocked today, that is why I stopped what I was doing to write this note to you – right now. I didn’t wait. I didn’t hesitate. I was inspired to do so. So you ask then, what do I do when I am not inspired. Well that is the million dollar question.


If I am not fortunate to have my Muse caress me at any given time with inspiration, this is what I do.

I PARTICIPATE to get inspired.

With my song writing for example, I will pick up the guitar, uninspired by the way, and find a chord or a rhythm that I like, that affects me in some way. I work with that chord or rhythm for awhile and most often then not, I get inspired. The same thing happens to me in life. The key here is to PARTICIPATE. If I participate on some level when I am not inspired, most likely the miracle happens, I Get Inspired. I have suddenly become alive again – excited by life, and that is infectious. But there is also the second part to the equation, a very important part and maybe the most important part for me – INSPIRE SOMEONE ELSE.

If I can then inspire someone else, they start to glow. The get involved with life. Well then their energy and light will come back to me and it has gone full circle. And if that person inspires someone else and all who gets inspired passes it on …..well you get the picture. I guess this can all be summed up in this simple phrase.


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